Thursday, December 30, 2010

Published our First Game in Intel Appup platform

Uses Irrlicht as rendering engine

Treasure Raider is an innovative way of representation of Classic Gold Miner Game in 3D World. Treasure Raider Contains "Play till you Exhaust" Quest Mode and Competitive Story Mode . This edition of Treasure Raider happens near the pirate island and the player takes the role of Raider to salvage the Treasures from the Ship Wrecks. Max is a fisherman by birth and earns his living by ferrying people , catching Fish , and running exotic cruise tours.A biggest Oil Slick off the coast has hurt his living. There is no fish to catch , people aren,t coming for tours . The coast gaurd has prohibitted the local fisherman and cruise tour operators to go into the Sea. In this bad times and mounting financial Crisis Max gets an Offer from Vlad. Max Accepts the offer and Vlad also warns him of consequences if he fails the job.[/img]

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