Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spooky Racer - A Kart Racing Game for PC
Client Havas Interactive
Status Alpha - Dropped

This is my First Game Project. Thru this game only i learned all about game programming. All we got initially was a broken semi finished game. we worked on this game a lot and learned about game programming. This game saw me grow from junior programmer to senior programmer in about 18 months time.Spooky Racers is First Game to be developed entirely in India. Spooky Racers is a kart racing game with user allowed to compete with the AI controlled Spooky Characters. The different modes of play in the game ensures that the player, fun and excitement. The game is targeted for the age group 5-10 years. The game has good content, exciting locales, innovative weapons and right mix of characters. The AI ensures better playability and makes the player to play again. The Game used the company’s Game Engine and Coding was done using C and C++.

The game has four different modes namely Practice mode, Championship mode, ghost mode & dual mode.I was responsible for implementation of Championship mode in which each race result is maintained in a database & the scores of each individual racer is maintained. The final points tally is calculated after finishing of each of seven tracks.

I also have implemented the Load\Save mechanism which is applied only for championship mode. I implemented an algo for Saving last five unfinished championships & loading the unfinished championships with dynamic track selection.

I Have implemented an algo for dynamically calculating track enemy spawn points which involves the factors like players current position, current lead distance, current track segment etc. I was also responsible for loading a enemy in a dynamic splibe point in our game.

Apart from this i was responsible for whole game menu system, pickup toggling, weapon collision etc.

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