Thursday, April 14, 2011

We have released Two Tennis Games in Appup Store. check them out

Tennis Trumps

Tennis Trumps is a Trumps Card Game played between two players , the second player being the Computer. The Cards are Statistic Cards containing the wide range of stat values of top 52 players. The freeplay mode is where a player can play the game with the normal deck also be rewarded with powerups based on his/her performance.

Tennis Trumps - WTA Edition

Tennis Trumps WTA Edition is a Trumps Card Game played between two players , the second player being the Computer. The Cards are Statistic Cards containing the wide range of stat values of top 50 players.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cricket Trump Game Aimed at ICC Cricket World Cup 2010

Cricket Trumps is a Trumps Card Game played between two players , the second player being the Computer. The Cards are Statistic Cards containing the wide range of stat values of Cricketers picked from top 10 One day teams. The Game Contains a Career Mode aka Betting Mode where you can bet on your stats to acheive the target and unlock the Super Star Cards. The freeplay mode is where a player can play the
game with the normal deck with the unlocked cards and also be rewarded with powerups based on his/her performance. The Game has a
inbuilt timer that displays the Time to Go for Cricket Worldcup and also has ticker that scrolls with the latest live cricket matches scores.

You can get This game @ intel Appup

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Treasure Raider Xmas Edition

Christmas is around the corner. Around the Globe Children have written to Santa and are waiting for him to deliver the Goodies.The Santa's helpers and his Elf's have packed all the presents and take it to Santa's Home to load them in his Sleigh. As they carry a snowstorm has them drop presents all over the landscape. Help Santa to deliver the presents in time by grabbing them from the landsacpe at northpole as fast as you can give all the folks around the world a Christmas they'll never forget!
Published our First Game in Intel Appup platform

Uses Irrlicht as rendering engine

Treasure Raider is an innovative way of representation of Classic Gold Miner Game in 3D World. Treasure Raider Contains "Play till you Exhaust" Quest Mode and Competitive Story Mode . This edition of Treasure Raider happens near the pirate island and the player takes the role of Raider to salvage the Treasures from the Ship Wrecks. Max is a fisherman by birth and earns his living by ferrying people , catching Fish , and running exotic cruise tours.A biggest Oil Slick off the coast has hurt his living. There is no fish to catch , people aren,t coming for tours . The coast gaurd has prohibitted the local fisherman and cruise tour operators to go into the Sea. In this bad times and mounting financial Crisis Max gets an Offer from Vlad. Max Accepts the offer and Vlad also warns him of consequences if he fails the job.[/img]

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nothing Jus givin attendance

I am here just giving attendance.
I have a bad news and good news
The Bad News is
I have for now nothing to blog since i actually dont have my computer with me. i am alone and very bored.

And the good news is
I have got a job in a Canadian game development company hbstudios. Pretty Exciting times. They develop one of the games which i happen to love [EA cricket Series]. So hoping to have a great time. I am planning to by a laptop in 2 weeks time and also i am planning to do a racing game with irrlicht and newton.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is another exciting project we are working right now. This is a cricket game for online casual play. this game is going to be full blown 3d game but the download size will be considerably low because this game falls into online casual game segment.

In this project i have to write a test application for XBOX wireless controller so that the controller will be connected to PC itself & get calibrated. This was done using Xinput. Please take a look.
This another exciting project i am working on. I am the only programmer for this project. This as part of our Drum Hero R & I did this Application. What the application does is it creates four audio streams & simultaneously mixes up to 4 different sound & plays it. I have used Direct Sound & Direct Music along with MFC for this.

Spooky Racer - A Kart Racing Game for PC
Client Havas Interactive
Status Alpha - Dropped

This is my First Game Project. Thru this game only i learned all about game programming. All we got initially was a broken semi finished game. we worked on this game a lot and learned about game programming. This game saw me grow from junior programmer to senior programmer in about 18 months time.Spooky Racers is First Game to be developed entirely in India. Spooky Racers is a kart racing game with user allowed to compete with the AI controlled Spooky Characters. The different modes of play in the game ensures that the player, fun and excitement. The game is targeted for the age group 5-10 years. The game has good content, exciting locales, innovative weapons and right mix of characters. The AI ensures better playability and makes the player to play again. The Game used the company’s Game Engine and Coding was done using C and C++.

The game has four different modes namely Practice mode, Championship mode, ghost mode & dual mode.I was responsible for implementation of Championship mode in which each race result is maintained in a database & the scores of each individual racer is maintained. The final points tally is calculated after finishing of each of seven tracks.

I also have implemented the Load\Save mechanism which is applied only for championship mode. I implemented an algo for Saving last five unfinished championships & loading the unfinished championships with dynamic track selection.

I Have implemented an algo for dynamically calculating track enemy spawn points which involves the factors like players current position, current lead distance, current track segment etc. I was also responsible for loading a enemy in a dynamic splibe point in our game.

Apart from this i was responsible for whole game menu system, pickup toggling, weapon collision etc.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hi Let me Talk about this Project.
Sundara Pandian - Tools
Project : Steel League Clan Clash
Genre : DVD Game
Publisher : Activision
My Role : Pipeline TD

This project is a DVD game Done by Pixaalaya Studios for Blue Monkey Studios published by Activision. Unfortunately Activision has to take back the product from the shelf for some reason unknown to me. But still it was the First and only Published game in which i have worked. Though it is a DVD game i was the pipeline TD for the Whole game. I will discuss about tools written by me in this Post.

All the tools mentioned below are written only by me since i was the only programmer in that company. But i have to mention about two important people who made these tools possible.

One is Mr Mahadevan who was the technical artist for that company. he had international experience. one released game i know in which he had worked was Driver 3. he was my requirement man. whenever something is needed for pipeline he comes up with requirement and gets the job done. Overall whatever tools i have written for Pixaalaya he was the artistic brain behind that and i was the coding guy.

The other one was Mr Sukumar. He was the CEO of the company. though he was CEO & apart from Mahadevan no other artist believed that a computer science engineer don't have a role in a animation studio, He strongly believed in my capability and has been one of the strong supporter of engineering practice inside the company.

Here I Will Discuss About Important Scripts I have written for pipeline

This Script is a collection of other scripts i have written for the pipeline. What this script does is that it opens a group of files one by one thru Maya command prompt and prepares it for rendering.

preparing for rendering means.

it checks for each & every file name whether it matches with the protocol we have defined for filename(like a valid filename contains RENDERINGCAMNAME_STARTFRAME_ENDFRAME) and then it links the light for different layers( WE HAD 3 POINT LIGHTING SYSTEM)
Also It Checks for whether All the textures are available and reports for Missing Texture.

This is a command prompt tool which automatically generates the Batch file for rendering.

This thru command prompt open each and every file in the directory tree & will put hardware render of first & last frame of that file. This was very convenient for us because this helped us in reducing over all rendering error. this tool is automated & it renders only one frame so when a group of files were ready for render we will simply run this tool in the night & when we come back n see in the morning we would have got visual feedback of any missing texture or correct cam etc.


same as above but for BG Layer

Composite File Generator

This is another very Important tool we managed to come up. this tool will generate a combustion workspace file on reading the directory structure of rendered images. This particular tool was great time saver for us.

Clip Library & Pose Library

Also We came up clip & pose library which was one of our few tools written for animation side. also i managed to write a animation transfer utility using MovIn & MovOut with limited success.

also we managed to complete 130 minutes of animation content in 8 months. yes in eight months from pre production to the end of post production we completed this project. and many of my tools helped achieving the target in time
Hi All I have close to seven years of game programming experience. In this project i thought i will post the projects i have involved and my role in it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hi My Updated Bomberman ScrShot Take a look

see u Later

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hi my latest Update in Bomberman Game Take a look

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Image Update

I Thought i will upload the image now i am trying for maya thumbnails in explorer

Sundar`s Game Programming blog

Hi Long time Huh

i was busy working on a maya thumbnail generator i got it working and am very happy with that. it will show the perspective views render in context menu when you right click on maya ascii or maya binary file cool huh. Basically i got lot of help from reading this tutorials on shell programming. I am really thankful to micheal Dunn for his excellent tutorial on this subject.

Friday, June 16, 2006

My First Blog - About Me

Hi This is sundar.

i am a 3d games programmer based on chennai, india. this will be my blog page. i pressume that i ll use this blog as my developement blog